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AFTER HOURS COVID-19 Positive Case Reporting

Anyone who needs to report a positive case of COVID-19 over the weekend, early in the
morning, or after school hours should email Jenn Kozniewski (COVID-19 Health and Safety
Compliance Liaison) and “Cc” your school nurse. Please CLICK on the link for all the contact information, and thank you!

In Person/Live Streaming Form

Click above to access the form to modify your child's status. If you would like to change a student’s current plan from in person to live streaming or live streaming to in person for more than a couple of days, please follow the steps below. Parents/guardians wanting to formally change a student’s status between in-person and live streaming are asked to please use this google form and not email to make the change. CLICK ON In Person/Live Streaming Form above. Parents/guardians are welcome to have their child live-stream without notifying the school when that need is short term: up to a couple of days. Students are considered present for both live streaming and in-person learning. Power school will reflect “Remote Present” if a student is live streaming. Parents/guardians may change a student’s status as they see fit, without limit or explanation. Students may not attend in-person and live stream on the same day. They may do one or the other.

N.H.M.S. Block Schedule

Click on the link to see our weekly block schedule. Schedule includes all four blocks and passing times. This schedule also includes the bell schedule for remote Wednesdays
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