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Mrs. Wilson Ancient History-- Red Team

Welcome to Red Team Ancient History

What are the Team Expectations?

Teachers on the Red Team will:

  • Guide you through the various topics in our curriculum.
  • Praise your hard work.
  • Encourage you to take risks.
  • Help you work through any challenges that may arise.
  • Provide timely feedback and intervene, if necessary.
  • Treat you with respect and expect the same in return.

To be a successful Red Team student you will need to:

  • Come to class with your assigned homework and all of your materials for class, which does include a sharpened pencil, student agenda and your Chromebook CHARGED.
  • Pay attention and participate the best that you can.
  • Be honest and communicate with your teachers. It’s okay if you need extra support or clarification.
  • Use your time wisely. There is a time for play and a time to work.
  • Use your resources. You will have all of the tools that you need to be productive.

As a parent or guardian you can use the following suggestions as needed:

  • Check the assignment planner and talk to your student about the work assigned.
  • Check PowerSchool once per week to see any updates to scores (there will be good days and bad days)!
  • Contact individual teachers or the team leader if there are any concerns or questions.
  • Talk to your student about the upcoming week after the Sunday team email is sent out.
  • Encourage your student to advocate for him/herself.
  • Praise kindness and effort, as well as achievement.

Social Studies

We have a brand new online textbook for 6th grade Ancient History. We will be using this text and all its many resources throughout the year as we study early man through Ancient Rome.

Grading Policies - We will have many different types of assignments, and each one will be given a point value based on its level of difficulty as well as its importance to our curriculum. Most in class or finish at home assignments will be between 10-50 points. Assessments might range from 50 for a small quiz to 150 for a major unit test. Projects also will have a wide range depending on the amount of time and effort necessary. 

Homework Policy - Each assignment, whether done in school or at home will be graded based on completion and or accuracy/quality. Work is expected to be handed in on time. There are obviously exceptions in some cases.

Extra Help - I am available at a variety of times before during and after school. Any student who needs help should just set up a time with me.