Looking for online books?

If students are interested in getting books online with their Chromebooks or other devices, they can! On their computers, they can go to soraapp.com. They are looking for the North Haven Town Schools. The username will be the students entire email address (lastname.firstname@northhavenschools.org). The password will be the student's school number that they use to log on to their computers and get lunch. Students can also search for the Sora app on their phones or other mobile devices. The login is the same.
Students can also access the public library's collection by clicking on the three horizontal lines in the upper right corner. There you can choose "Add a public library." You can search for the North Haven Memorial Library which is part of the "Lion: Libraries Online." In order to access the catalog, you must use a North Haven Library card number. The number can be found on the back of your North Haven Library card. If anyone has questions, they can email Mrs. Kirby at kirby.patty@northhavenschools.org.

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Who's coming to lunch
Some hungry students in the 8th grade lunch did a double-take when they
came into the cafeteria on Monday, October 7. Mr. Stirk and Mr. Castiglione
gave some of the lunch staff a little break and helped serve up chicken tenders
and macaroni and cheese. Mr. C said, "I'm going to do the deli counter before
the end of the year." So, watch out diners!
Lunch room        Mr. Stirk and Mr. Castiglione