Middle School Counseling

Welcome to the North Haven Middle School Counseling page! North Haven Middle School Counselors are here to help our students focus on academic achievement, personal/social development, and career exploration to ensure that our students become productive members of society. Our Comprehensive School Counseling Program supports and promotes classroom instruction, student achievement and overall student success. Our program is proactive, preventative and utilizes strategies to enhance academic accomplishments, career awareness, conflict resolution, goal setting, resiliency, positive interpersonal skills, and stress management. It is our mission to connect students to their learning by assisting them in discovering who they are, what they need to be successful and what skills will assist them in becoming responsible young adults.
At North Haven Middle School, there are three School Counselors. Each School Counselor is assigned to serve one grade and will continue to serve as their Counselor for all three years of their middle school experience.
So what exactly does your School Counselor do?
We work with students in a number of different ways. Throughout the school year, we will meet with our students on an individual basis, in small groups, and in their classrooms. Here are some examples of what we do and how we can help!
  • Academic advising and support
  • Personal, social, and emotional development
  • Collaborate with academic intervention teams
  • School crisis or emergency intervention
  • Developmental classroom guidance lessons specifically tailored to each grade level
  • Consultation and collaboration with parents, teachers, support staff and administrators
  • Collaboration and coordination of resources within the North Haven community
  • Planning, implementing and evaluating a Comprehensive School Counseling program
Pupil Personnel
Not only do School Counselors collaborate with parents, teachers, interventionists, and administration, we also work closely with our outstanding support staff!
Name Title Phone Number
Mr. Ethan Sansolo
Mrs. Stacy Swartz
Ms. Victoria West
School Social Worker
School Psychologist
Speech Pathologist
(203) 239-1683 x3157
(203) 239-1683 x3158
(203) 239-1683 x3156
Additional Educational Opportunities
Public Schools of Choice
In accordance to State of Connecticut law (Connecticut Education Law 2001-Sec. 10-220d), each local and regional board of education shall provide access to technical high schools, regional agricultural centers, interdistrict magnet schools, and charter schools. Below you will find links to various schools of choice and information about the various applications.